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A fun unique economy bot for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can do many fun things, like fishing! Do >info and >start to get started




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A fun unique economy bot for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can plant trees, fish, catch bugs, dig fossils, eat, mine rocks, and more!

Getting started

To start, do >info and >start to get started, after this, start planting trees with the fruit you acquired with >plant! See >help for full details. Every 12 hours you can >vote which then after voting you can >claimvote for up to 25,000 bells and 5 quest points!

Announcements and Prefix

Announcements and updates are sent out occasionally. To set a channel for announcements do >channel #channel. If you do not specify one, it will be picked at random. You can set a server prefix with >prefix newprefix


You drain 3 health every 12 hours. You start with 100 health. If you get to 0 health, you die and lose all progress. To avoid this, use >eat fish Name or fruit Name. Fish heal 10 where fruits heal 5.


After starting, you want to >plant some trees. You can do this by doing >plant treeName amount. At 5am UTC everyday, your trees will increment to the next stage of life. You can check the stages of life of your tree with the >treestates command. Once its fully grown, which takes 3 days, you can do >shaketrees to acquire 3 fruit per tree that is ready to be shaken. After its fully grown, fruit will regrow again in 3 days.

Fishing, Diving, Catching, Digging, Mining, and Pets

You start out with a flimsy rod, net, and shovel. You can >fish, >dig, and >catch with these tools. When you obtain a pickaxe/axe/wetsuit you can >mine/>cut/>dive. Pets have unique features, but require a lot of items and quest points! For a quest, do >quest Note: Golden tools and divers suit cannot be lost, have reduced cooldowns, and unique properties.


Whenever you fish, catch a bug, dig up a fossil, or dive for some sea creatures, they will get added to your museum! This is the ultimate way to keep track of how you are progressing compared to your friends! To see your progress, do >museum or to see your friends progress, do >museum @user. You can view your full museum with >fullmuseum

Marketplace and Villages

You can sell almost all of your stuff, except trees and equipment, to Tommy and Timmy Nook. You can only buy fruits, equipment, and titles from them. To see a list of things you can buy with prices, do >shop. You can buy materials for pets from Tomi with >buytomi. You can put things in your own custom village with >set and you can view your village with >village

Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae comes every sunday to sell turnips at a price in the range of 90-110 bells each. You can access her shop with >daisymae and >buydaisy amount. After purchasing, you can sell turnips to the Nooks for a random price between 9 and 660 bells, where there price changes every 12 hours.

Lottery, Gambling, and Events

You can enter the lottery by doing >lottery amountOfBells. You can see how many people are entered and what the pot is at with >checkpot. The lottery draws a winner at 5pm UTC everyday. You can gamble any amount of bells up to 500,000 at a time with >gamble amount. May the odds ever be in your favor. Random Events are hosted randomly and have great prizes. To see these events, specify a >channel or do >checkevent


Titles give you cheaper prices. If you are a farmer, everything except titles are 2% cheaper, 7% for mayor, 10% for lord and patrons, 20% for king, 25% for emperor, and 30% for donator (more benefits included). More rewards will be implemented based on suggestions.

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